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Java Plausible Deniability Store (JPDStore)


This is alpha software. Don't use it for any trustworthy data!


For more information refer to the Documentation.

JPDStore is written in Java and uses the BouncyCastle JCE (which is open source) for cryptography. The GUI will use SWING. It will work at least on Windows and Linux, but since it is java it should work everywhere where there is a java environment.

Its main goal is to allow persons store files into a "store". These store looks like lots of files with random file names and all equal lengths. Files are protected by passphrases (they are both encrypted and referenced by the passphrase) - more than one file can be stored in the same passphrase, but because of the nature of the project, one should use more than one passphrase altogether. There is also a feature to add "random garbage" which needs space on hard disk but cannot be accessed by any passphrase.

This provides some kind of plausible deniability (no one can no if you created 1MiB or 10GiB of random data, and since you cannot prove that the data is really random, you cannot be accused to provide any more passphrases when you have provided one (to someone who threatens you to show passphrases).

Sourceforge project page

is located here.


Download JPDstore 0.1 full (including BouncyCastle crypto library, 1052 KB).

Download JPDstore 0.1 bare (without BouncyCastle crypto library, 57 KB).

Download JPDstore 0.1 source code (20 KB).

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